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Our contribution to environmental protection

In times of climate change, we are committed to the

Environmental protection directly through our work.

Our philosophy and belief is to get things and

not to destroy.

The high-quality repair work on customer vehicles is the best implementation of our philosophy by maintaining and repairing the vehicles for the longest possible and cleanest possible service life.  

In addition, we are convinced that the alternative drives in private transport

are crucial for a sustainable future.  

For this reason we sell e-bikes, electric scooters and e-scooters

any brands.

Additional measures:

  • Ongoing conversion to LED lamps.

  • Printing paper and envelope made from 100% recycled paper or FSC-certified virgin fibre.

  • Reuse of materials and packaging.

  • The unavoidable old recyclables are disposed of correctly and in an environmentally friendly manner with our regional disposal partners.

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